Dr. Shashi Sood is the first physician in Stanislaus County to introduce revolutionary new technology for the removal of unwanted hair. Women and men have for centuries removed hair by various methods, most of them painful, short lived, and unsuccessful. Since 1997, Dr. Sood has being using state of the art Laser technology for the removal of hair from the face, armpits, backs, bikini areas, arms and legs. In fact, hair from any site can be removed with a series of treatments.

It takes on a average of about four treatments to produce a cosmetically pleasing result. Laser treatments are fast and with the application of a surface anesthetic cream, completely painless. A small area such as the upper lip will only take a few minutes, while a large area such a back could take several hours. With the older methods such as electrolysis, an area such as a back could take many years to complete. Most patients can tolerate the treatments without an anesthetic cream. The procedure has a few minor side effects which are temporary.

Dr. Sood became interested in hair removal technology because of many patients in her practice who were bothered by excess hair. The emotional burden of these patients, as well as the futility of current methods of hair removal prompted her to invest in this expensive technology. Also there was the excitement of learning something new. She is pleased with the results she is obtaining with the Laser. Her patients appreciate the availability of this technology in Modesto.